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​Discover the HR Action Certification

Discover the
HR Action Certification

What is included in the Human Resources Action Certification?

The Human Resource Action Certificate brings industry knowledge and research-based best practices into approachable and digestible action steps. At the end of this certification course, you walk away with the skills, knowledge, and ability to transform your HR department.

This is more than theory and testing. We met with more than 100 HR professionals and executives from around the globe and asked what HR professionals should know. We researched and analyzed data for best practices in the industry. We address mindsets, emotional intelligence, and people practices in addition to policy and procedures in this certification. You'll walk away not only with clear policy and practice actions, but also conversation frameworks and EQ approaches for successful implementation.

with experienced hr professionals

This certification includes:

  • Personal log-in to HR Action website filled with resources and insights

  • HR Actions broken down into 4 major pillars across 4 months

  • 75 pre-recorded action focused lessons for self paced learning

  • 4 live virtual sessions to meet with experienced HR professionals to lead group discussions, clarify lesson application, and answer questions

  • An HR workbook to guide continued learning

  • A cohort of fellow HR professionals for continued support and guidance

  • Certificate upon completion of course and comprehensive exam

  • Virtual badge of certification completion to add to social profiles

Meet the Facilitator

Meet the Facilitators

At the end of each month you will have the opportunity to join your cohort of learners in a 2-hour virtual zoom session for continued networking and to meet with an experienced HR executive that will facilitate a learning lesson specifically about one of the disciplines.


Jackie Perez Hicks

Director of Recruitment at Saint Francis Healthcare System

  • LinkedIn - Jackie Hicks

Donna Garcia

Director of Compensation, Benefits and Strategic Association Management at National Association of REALTORS®

  • LinkedIn - Donna Garcia

Matthew Gjertsen

Chief Learning Officer of Better Every Day Studios 

  • LinkedIn - Matthew Gjertsen

Christopher Groch Bonett

HR Manager at Trust Payments

  • LinkedIn - Christopher Grech Bonett

There are a lot of certifications in the world, what makes this HR Action unique in value?

 Action-focused Certification for Real Impact

1. Action-focused Certification for Real Impact

This certification has a radical focus on taking the inspiration and information from each lesson and challenging you with an action step. At the end of every lesson, you will be challenged with a task, activity, behavior change to have a tangible impact and influence in your organization. This certification provides action recommendations from real-life experience from facilitators, interviews with HR executives, and case studies to move beyond great ideas into effective behavior changes and actions.

Why Should You Consider a HR Certification

Why You Shou​ld Consider A Professional Certification

Increase Earning Potential


Earning Potential

Professional certification often results in higher earning potential. Industry certification signals a specialization and fresh knowledge of the subject which can lead to a higher desirability. According to CNBC, professionals who attained a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification reported a median salary 26% higher than non-PMP certified professionals."

Establish Your Competitive Advantage

Establish Your Competitive Advantage

Certified HR professionals with HR Action, have a competitive edge in their workplace understanding the holistic approach to business. You will learn how to clearly create policy, hire great candidates, improve your benefits packages, increase the effectiveness of your training, and be strategic in your employee engagement. Also, you will learn some helpful mindsets for specific situations such as recruiting while understaffed, how to engage in difficult conversations, and how to adapt to emerging HR technology.

Improve Your Professional Credibility

Improve Your Professional Credibility

A certification is an additional step that you can take to increase your professional credibility and confidence. You can use the skills from this certification to be an effective change agent in your organization. If you are searching for an HR opportunity, a certification can increase your competitiveness as a candidate.


Want to continue your HR education?

Join this action-focused certification to learn how HR can transform organizations.

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