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Uniquely Better by
Amber Vanderburg

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"Join in this adventurous tale of building competitive team advantage through the story of Amber Vanderburg acting as the only American, only female, and only blonde Academy football coach for the PSG and Adidas Academy in India."

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Blog Articles

A False Sense of Urgency.png

March 19 2022

A False Sense of Urgency

Jaded framing of decisions can also impair clarity and create a false sense of urgency. John Kotter (2008) writes that there are three states of urgency: real sense of urgency, complacency, and a false sense of urgency. Complacency of course is us not doing laundry and living in dirty clothes... which might be what some of you have been doing for the last 7 months.

When Conversations Go Nowhere.jfif

March 05 2022

When Conversations Go Nowhere

In your teams, you may not be dealing with the beautiful vast land in the Dakotas with a van of starving people - but you may have a similar feeling of circular conversations that go nowhere leading to lost time, energy, and money. This brings me to an important factor in leading your teams - you need to create systems to encourage timely decision-making in your team.

Common Similarities within Globally Remote Teams.jpg

February 19 2022

Common Similarities within Globally Remote Teams

Here's the common ground I found with my first real interaction in a global team, these commonalities ring true in globally remote teams today.

Simplifying Jargon.jfif

March 12 2022

Simplifying Jargon

Industries create jargon to act as shortcuts for understanding. Every industry has some variation of jargon. When speaking to other professionals in the industry, this is a way to clarify communication and simplify conversation.

How to Confront Confirmation Bias.jpg

February 26 2022

How to Confront Confirmation Bias

A couple of years ago I was working with some teams in the city of Den Haag/ The Hague in the Netherlands. One afternoon I stopped by a little round building, paid a small fair, and ventured up a winding staircase to see one of the few surviving 19th-century pieces of art called panorama. Now, most people today know of panorama as that feature on your camera phone, but back in the 1800s, this was quite revolutionary.

Prepare for New Frontiers.png

February 12 2022

Prepare for New Frontiers

Czech athlete, Emil Zatopek was a pioneer in the running world that popularized interval training and was known for his radical approach to running - almost as radical as his approach to friendship.

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