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Human Resources Action Certification

Human Resources
Action Certification

​An HR certification designed with industry experts, data-driven research, and a practical call to action.




Want to continue your HR education?

​The Human Resource Action Certificate brings industry knowledge and research-based best practices into approachable and digestible action steps. At the end of this certification course, you walk away with the skills, knowledge, and ability to transform your HR department.

Introduction for Learners

HR certification is broken down into 4 fundamental pillars

HR Build Your Team


HR Value Your Team


HR Train Your Team


HR Keep Your Team


One month of learning per HR fundamental



  • 10 hours of self-guided videos

  • 12-14 hours of workbook activities

  • 8 hours session with experienced HR executives

Follow along in your online workbook to write notes and complete the action steps outlined in every lesson. At the bottom of every workbook lesson, there are books, articles, or resources for you to further your learning journey.

At the end of the 4 months, you will have the opportunity to put your HR skills into action by contributing to a nonprofit HR project (estimated time commitment - 2 hours)

Our Facilitators

Engage in lively virtual lectures with our experienced facilitators

Jackie Perez Hicks

Director of Recruitment at
Saint Francis Healthcare System

Director of Compensation, Benefits and Strategic Association Management at National Association of REALTORS®

Matthew Gjertsen

Chief Learning Officer of Better Every Day Studios in LA, California


HR Manager at Trust Payments


You will meet with your cohort in a live session with an experienced HR professional for discussion, questions, and implementation activities for the tools learned in the self-guided learning.

2023 COHORT 1

Build Your Team

June 5 - 16

Value Your Team

June 19 - 30

Train Your Team

July 3 - 14

Keep Your Team

July 17 - 28

2023 COHORT 2

Build Your Team

Aug 7 - 18

Value Your Team

Aug 21 - 31

Train Your Team
Sep  4 - 15

Keep Your Team

Sep  18 - 29

Certification Timeline

This is what you can expect from the certification

Complete video learning and workbook action steps in personal study time

Complete video learning and workbook action steps in personal study time

Engage in lively virtual lectures with experienced HR professionals

Engage in lively virtual lectures with experienced HR professionals

Complete final HR competency project

Complete final HR competency project

Earn HR Action Certification

Earn HR Action Certification and enact effective change in your organization!

HR Certification Review

Client Reviews

"I just completed your course on LinkedIn called "HR Guidelines Everyone Should Know" and found it to be very insightful! I am starting my HR career off as a one man band in a small company and there were so many great takeaways and reminders in your course. So thank you!"
Human Resources Certification for you

HR is not using humans as resources.

It’s providing resources to humans to do the extraordinary.

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